The Process

Project #5: 2000 to 2018

Company Name: Northeast Brine Shrimp, Inc. (NEBS)
Owned by: Mariculture Technologies Int’l., Inc.

This farm was constructed in Oak Hill, Florida

The goal of this project was two-fold, (1) to move the Allentown, PA. brine shrimp business to eastern central Florida and expand the production for national sales, (2) to determine the best methods and most profitable method to farm the Florida pompano in Florida.

The facilities were constructed on a 10-acre spent orange grove near Oak Hill, Florida. A 400-foot-deep well supplied 19 ppt saltwater. Brine shrimp were farmed in  25,000 square feet of hoop style greenhouses. On site fish hatchery and broodstock holding center was enclosed in a 4,000 square foot greenhouse. There were 7 low salinity (10 to 19 ppt) earthen ponds ranging in size from .25 to 2.0 million gallons. The ponds were primarily used for earthen pond R&D experiments with the Florida pompano over a 15-year period. Starting in 2014 the experimental ponds were used to test their acceptability for farming the Asian white shrimp (P. vannamei).