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The only high value mariculture species that requires no fish meal in a commercial dry diet.

Former Pompano Farms Pond Research Facility

About us

Pompano Farms, LLC. is owned by Michael F. McMaster and Thomas C. Kloth. Our business was established in 1972 for the development of vertically integrated, totally controlled year-round production of Florida Pompano.  Our first commercial Pompano farm was built in the Dominican Republic in 1973.

There is a reason why no one else, after all these years, has not been able to duplicate our accomplishments. The technology, experience and management are the difference.

Pond Raised Pompano at Research Farm

Florida's Highest Valued Fish - The Process

The process begins with the careful selection of breeding stock. Female pompano are induced to develop eggs and to spawn on demand. This controlled reproductive cycle is essential to steady-state farm production. Once spawned, eggs hatch in twenty-four hours. Newly hatched larvae quickly develop into juvenile fish. Pompano take almost a year to reach marketable size. The finished product is processed to consumer specification.

Market Ready Pompano
Juvenile Tanks
Bucket Brigade


Pompano Farming Manual

FAO Cultured Aquatic Species Info
Authored by Michael F. McMaster

Sustainable ECO-Pond Approach

Pompano Farms 2004

Prospects for Commercial Pompano Mariculture

Pompano Mariculture in Low Salinity Ponds

Pompano is an Alternative Species

Economic & Operation Model for Sea Cages

Economic & Operation Model for RAS

Progress Report for June 2009

Status of Pompano Farming

Pompano Farming: Investment Criteria & Analysis

The Spawning Behavior of Captive FL Pompano, Trachinotus Carolinus Copeia 1980 #4

Mass Culture of the Rotifer B. plicatilis

This paper was the first peer reviewed published paper on the use of B. plicatilis as a first food for marine larval fish in the U.S.A.

Journal of Marine Biology @ International Journal on Life in Oceans and Coastal Waters. Authored by: G.H. Theilacker and M.F. McMaster The Foundational Research Paper that spawned The Marine Fish Farming Industry

Florida Pompano