Project #1: 1971 - 1975

World’s first commercial Florida Pompano farm
Company Name: Oceanography Mariculture Industries, Inc. (OMI).
OMI was a publicly traded corporation (OTC).

This farm was constructed on the central south coast of the Dominican Republic just east of Boca Chica.

Production: Last reported pompano stranding crop in 1974 was 750,000 fish varying in size between 25 grams to 450 grams.

Key Scientific Staff: Michael F. McMaster: V.P. Research and Development, also Director of Pompano egg, fry, and juvenile production.

Thomas C. Kloth: Manager of broodstock and egg production.

36 Grow out tanks
Administration Building & Labs
Commercial Hatchery
Broodstock Facility
Commercial Rotifer Culture System
Rotifer Collection System with Larger Plankton Net
5,000 GPM Hydraulic Water Pumps Moving Seawater to Farm Tanks

Oceanography Mariculture Industries

Broodstock Egg Production Summary